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WELCOME TO smart payment plan

Most lenders require consumers to repay their loans on a monthly basis. At SMART Payment Plan, we find that this arrangement is counterintuitive to the way that most people manage their finances. Since most people get paid every two weeks, it makes sense that they should make biweekly payments.

SMART Payment Plan Offers an Easier Alternative

SMART Payment Planís biweekly schedule is more conducive to the way that modern consumers live their lives. Making a payment every two weeks instead of once a month means that your individual payments are more affordable. Itís the difference between writing a $1500 check at the end of the month when youíre running low on funds and two $750 checks that are due when you get paid and having plenty of cash.

SMART Payment Plan Helps Pay Off Loans Sooner

Smart Payment Plan not only makes it easier for you to repay your loans on time, it also helps you pay off the loans sooner. When you use SMART Payment Planís biweekly schedule, you actually make 13 whole payments each year. According to the traditional repayment schedule, though, you would only make 12 payments. Making an extra payment per year means that you will pay off your debt sooner.

SMART Payment Plan Means Paying Less in the Long Run

As an added bonus, SMART Payment Planís biweekly schedule will help you save money in the long run. When you make an extra payment each year, you end up paying less in interest fees. The amount can add up to a considerable savings, especially on 15- and 30-year mortgages. Plus, you wonít miss the extra money that you pay towards your loan because it comes out of your bank account right after you get paid. Paying less in the short term and the long term.

Thatís what SMART Payment Plan is all about.